Trinity SELT B1 (ISE I)

For Private Taxi Hire Drivers

Trinity SELT B1 (ISE I) For Private Hire Drivers

The Trinity SELT B1 (ISE I) qualification provides the minimum standard English requirement* by TFL for all new and renewal applications to TFL for Private Hire Driver Licences and is also one of the most affordable and quickest ways of gaining the required English Language Qualification.

ISE I  (B1) consists of two exam modules:

  • Reading & Writing
  • Speaking & Listening

Candidates must pass both modules for an ISE I (B1) qualification.

Global Skills provide two courses depending on your level, you can take the 2 week crash course (if your level is high enough) or the 4 week course (if you are just under the level required).  If you are a beginner or your level is at Entry 1 level or lower we will recommend that you take our Functional Skills Entry Level courses first.

Course Length Course Time and Days Course Cost B1 Test Cost (Fixed Price)*
4 weeks 8 X 3 hour lessons, Days/Times Flexible £200* £180*
2 weeks (Crash Course) 6 X 3 hour lessons, Days/Times Flexible £120 £180

*This fee is paid to the examination centre to take the test and is separate from the course

Global Skills are registered as a Listed Trinity SELT course provider to provide the B1 (ISE) course. We can prepare you fully for the test, providing the necessary learning materials and past exam papers for the reading and writing exams as well as preparing you for the speaking and listening test. We will give you the best chance of passing your B1 Test first time around.

*Please read below for the direct quote from the TFL (Transport for London) website regarding the new Private Hire Driver Application Policy:  ‘The requirement for applicants for private hire drivers’ licences to be able to communicate in English came into force on 14 October 2016 and it applies to all applications (whether new applications or renewals) received by TfL on or after that date.

Applicants were given until 31 March 2017 to satisfy TfL that they met the requirement, whether by sitting a Secure English Language Test with one of our appointed test providers or providing evidence of a qualification.

The English Language Requirement is the subject of ongoing legal proceedings and TfL has decided to extend the time available for applicants to prove that they can communicate in English at the appropriate level to 30 April 2019.’


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