Global Skills Training

  1. Firstly, really want to do the course!  Understand your motivation for your study goal and keep reminding yourself of why it’s important to you and others.
  2. Get some early momentum like finishing a unit.  By their definition, short courses are not long, but they still take effort.  Knowing you’ve already completed a section  can really help build your confidence and motivation.
  3. Find a dedicated time and place to study, that works for you and others around you.  Share that you have a study goal and you need others to respect this.  Of course, you need to respect it too.   Studying on your commute may work, but it’s best to have somewhere with few distractions.  So switch off notifications too!
  4. Break your study time down into realistic bite-size chunks that aren’t overwhelming and allow you to make progress.  Completing 10 minutes or a just paragraph is progress!
  5. Find a study partner.  Even online, you’re more likely to succeed with others on the same or similar journeys.  This can be through help and encouragement, or even a competitive streak!

For more information about studying online visit our online courses section on our website or contact our support team – Phone: 020 8896 2889  or Email: or visit us at our office and training centre: Old Act Old Acton Library, First Floor, High Street, Acton, London, W3 6NA

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