Information Technology

Do you want to upskill yourself in IT or maybe you are thinking about starting a new career in IT?

Bridging The Gap!

Cyber Security Certification

Our Bridging The Gap! is the perfect course for those looking to upskill themselves in the use of IT. This is a Level 1 Course and will help you understand the fundamentals of IT as well as effectively use a number of tools and technologies to help you get more from your day to day IT.

After completing this course, you will be more confident in using IT within the workplace and even move on to complete an Award in IT Systems Support or complete a further Diploma in iTQ.

What are being covered?

IT User Fundamentals:
You will learn the basics of computing. Learn how to work with files and understand the basics around computer security and safety.

Desktop Publishing (Microsoft Publisher):
Learn to create flyers, birthday cards and other publications using Microsoft Publisher. You will explore how to manipulate images and text and how to check your work for printing.

Using Email (Microsoft Outlook):
Email is part of everyday communication, both personal and in the work place. Learn how to use Outlook to send and receive emails. You will also learn how to mange your emails using rules and how to help protect yourself and others from Phishing and other scams.

Presentation Software (Microsoft PowerPoint):
Be ready for that new job. Learn how to create a Presentation that you can present during your interview. Not only will you learn what makes a good Presentation, you will also learn how to prepare and present your presentation.

Word Processing (Microsoft Word):
Learn how to use Microsoft Word to create a range of different documents such as letters and agreements.  You will learn the basics of Word, how to add and edit text as well as the most important formatting features such as headers, columns and tables.

Using the Internet and Internet Safety:
Today, being safe online is more important than ever before. You will learn what you can do to protect yourself and others when using the Internet. You will also learn how to effectively use the internet to find information and to use online forms to provide information and much more.


Our Principles of Cyber Security Certification is a Level 2 course, and is aimed  at those who are looking to gain a greater understand or build upon their existing knowledge of Cyber Security issues. Most learners will likely study this course to gain further learning or start employment in a Cyber Security related role.

There are no specific requirements for this course, but you have to be aged 16 or above.  We also do recommend that you have at least a Level 1 in English.  We also recommend that you have a Level 1 or Level 2 in IT.

Please note.  This course is a competency and knowledge based qualification.

Don’t meet the above requirements? Come speak to us to see what courses we can offer to help you start with your learning journey.

During your learning, you will cover the following Knowledge topics:

🔐 Introduction to Cyber Security
🔐 Terminology used in cyber security
🔐 Legal and ethical aspects of cyber security.
🔐 Common threats to cyber Security
🔐 Methods of maintaining Cyber Security
🔐 Working with others in Cyber Security

What related qualifications can you progress to?

💻 Level 3 Certificate in Cyber Security Practices
💻 Level 3 Diploma in IT User Skills
💻 Level 3 Award in Cyber Security Leadership
💻 Level 3 Foundation Technical Level IT: Cyber Security