At Global Skills we offer a broad range of recognised training and qualifications for all levels of learning – from entry levels into a career to experienced managers.

This means that whatever your reason for learning - whether you are starting or restarting your career, wanting to get the next level in your career, or you just to top up and learn about some specific topics and skills - we’ve probably got something for you. And because we can deliver in classrooms, virtual classrooms and fully online, we’ve also got a way of learning that suits you.

Short Courses and qualifications

Short courses and qualifications have become an increasingly popular way of studying, particularly now they can be taken online. These are great for helping you to get just the knowledge and skills you need. And many can also be used as a stepping-stone and count toward a bigger qualification that you may take later.

Use the links to see all of our short courses or just get in touch and we can talk you through the different opportunities and what is the best way to learn for you.

You will find courses in the following areas:

Full diplomas and certificates

Diploma and Certificates are longer qualifications often taking between 1&2 years to complete, depending on the level. They are often a requirement for a job, or at least desirable requirement for a job, so are a great way of gaining the skills for a new position. At Global Skills you would be supported by a friendly tutor with most of the learning now being done away from the classroom, so these courses are flexible in meeting your work and home demands.

We currently offer qualifications between levels 2 (entry) and level 5 (manager) in areas including:

Our longer qualifications can also be completed as part of an apprenticeship. See our apprenticeship section for more information about how you can become an apprentice.