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If you are looking to start or further your career, or just top up on your professional development, then Global Skills has a range of solutions to help. While we specialize in Care Training from childcare to adult care, offering apprenticeships, qualifications and short courses, we also deliver everything from basic IT, functional skills and language skills to leadership and management courses.

All of our programmes and courses can be delivered virtually, helping learners and employers to navigate busy schedules. If you need a bit of help learning about IT to get the most of these ways of learning, then we can help you there too.

Follow the links below to see how we can help, or simply give us a call and our friendly team who will gladly talk you through what is available.

Apprenticeships: Did you know?

Have you thought about studying as an apprentice?  Here are some of the benefits. 

1. An apprenticeship is a job, so not only do you get to study for a recognised qualification, you also get paid while gaining experience.

2. And your employer will pay for the qualification and give you all the benefits of being an employee

3. Around 9 out of 10 apprentices stay employed at the end of their apprenticeships

4.  Apprentices also have higher earnings potential that rivals degree level studies

5. There are apprenticeships for absolute beginners right up to specialist roles and senior managers.  So there a progression for everyone.