The Global Skills Leadership and Management Academy offers a range of development solutions for managers at all levels.  With a blend of Apprenticeships, online CPD courses and online qualifications, we have a breadth and flexibility offer to suit both aspiring and senior managers in their development along the management pathway. 




At Global Skills we offer ILM qualifications, the UK’s most recognised awarding body in management qualifications.  We focus on Level 3 qualifications for Team Leaders (see below for an Apprenticeship route) and Level 5 for Senior Managers.  

Our programmes are all designed to be delivered online, using videos and online resources, and with tutorials and one-to-ones via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  We are however, always happy to work with organisations that would prefer incorporate face-to-face sessions. 

At each level there are 3 qualification options: from the short Award,  covering just a couple of modules in around 3 months, through to a Certificate option taking up to 9 months and a Diploma taking around 12 months and covering the most detail.  All are recognised qualifications and really comes down to which timescale and commitment suits the learner best.  Each qualification also offers a degree of flexibility about the modules in the programme, which helps the learner to ensure they are getting the most appropriate development. 


As well as qualifications, we also offer a range of short online CPD modules,  helping managers to target specific development areas to a qualification standard without having to do commit to a whole programme.  This might be a broad issue, such as developing a leadership style, a quite narrow but important topic like Presentation Skills.  Go to our online courses page to see what is currently available. 


Our Team Leader Apprenticeship starts at level 3 and is for anyone who works in, or who want to work in the business and professional management sector. This is a blended learning programme allowing flexibility for learners to acquire knowledge and demonstrate evidence remotely.

Intermediate Aprenticeship for Team Leaders

It gives learners the opportunity to:

Progression opportunities

Advanced Apprenticeship in Management

Qualification objectives

The Advanced Apprenticeship in Management is for learners who work in, or who want to work in management roles such as Section Manager, First Line Manager, Assistant Manager, Trainee Manager, Senior Supervisor and Junior Non-Commissioned Officer.

It gives learners the opportunity to:

Progression opportunities